14 Aug 2020

Always nice to get a mention in an interview and was a really interesting project to be a part of and see the audio post through to the finish line. Great to see it doing well on the festival circuit.​

1 Nov 2018

A useful and informative video that emphasises the importance of the entire audio chain in filmmaking but really it's applicable for any audio related production.   

31 Oct 2018

Another short I completed earlier in the year by director Oscar Adams who I've worked with previously. It explores human interaction and understanding despite language barriers. 

31 Jan 2018

Roger, a short film I completed the audio post for in 2016, is now available to watch online after receiving a strong reception at international film festivals. Enjoy!

26 Jan 2018

I'm doing a talk covering audio post for film and TV in March as part of Nottingham International Film Festival.

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